Many work initiatives are available to volunteers who wish to help preserve and restore this piece of rural history.  If you are interested in helping with any of the projects listed below, please contact us

  • Grants   ( 2 Articles )

    Grants are utilized to help fund or supplement projects as they become available.


    • Church of St. Rose of Lima Historic Building Conditions Assessment

    • St. Rose Church National Register Nomination
      • 2012 Fiscal Year Funding Amount: $4,000
      • Source:  Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund (project of: Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program 2012)
      • To produce the documents necessary to nominate and register the historic St. Rose of Lima Church to the National Register of Historic Places (project details)
      • Result:  Entry on National Register of Historic Places Program


  • Interior Surface Restoration   ( 1 Article )

    Interior restoration began in 2006 with re-plastering and painting of the Sanctuary.  In 2008, scaffolding spanned the entire main body of the church as we stripped the ceiling and restored this barrel vaulted surface and walls.  Restoration continues starting with the decorative art work in the Sanctuary.


    • Status: Active
    • Funded: Partially
    • Start: Summer 2006
    • Completion: not yet determined
      Riehle Decorating
  • Window Restoration   ( 3 Articles )
    For over one hundred years, ten storm windows have protected the stained glass within St. Rose from the harsh elements of Minnesota weather.  We were able to preserve all of the original millwork while restoring these storm windows.  Hundreds of hours were spent as we carefully removed the windows and glass panes one at a time, carefully sanding every edge of the framing, removing glazing, oil priming, painting, reinserting glass, glazing, and top coat painting.


    • Status: Completed
    • Funded: Funded by Sponsors
    • Start: Summer 2008
    • Completion: December 2009
      Attention to Detail
  • Tuck Pointing   ( 2 Articles )

    Since the beginning of our restoration journey, the exterior tuck pointing has been a major concern.  Progress was made in 2011 and completion requires funding.


    • Status: Completed
    • Cost: $50,000
    • Start: 2011
    • Completion: Repairs completed October 2013 
    Image of needed tuck pointing
  • Steeple   ( 3 Articles )
    This majestic steeple soars over fifty feet above the ground.  Multiple repairs are needed to restore this ornate cedar shingled steeple back to its original splendor. 


    • Status: In Progress - Cross on top is next
    • Cost: To be determined
    • Start: 2010
    • Completion: Bell Tower 2011, Spire 2013


  • Artifacts   ( 1 Article )


    Many of the original artifacts you see have been replaced or removed over the years.  Our goal is to restore the church interior back to the period of this photograph. We hope to find altars, statuary and other preservation artifacts. 


    • Status: Active
    • Cost: Unknown
    • Start: Fall 2003
    • Completion:
  • Grounds Beautification   ( 1 Article )
    Crumbling retaining walls, falling down fences, fractured sidewalks, and uneven lawns are at the top of our landscape issues.  Skilled hands and donated materials are needed. 


    • Status: Active
    • Funding: Donation & Volunteer
    • Start: 2007
    • Completion: Continual
     Rose on St. Rose grounds